31Three.com - Version 6

31three 2014

The 31three.com website just got it's latest refresh since it's previous design which appeared nearly 5 years ago.

The goal of this redesign is to bring the site up to date visually, as well as to better communicate that it's not just me at 31Three anymore with Drew Warkentin now being part of the team for over a year. 

My aim is to post a few entries about specific parts of the project in the coming weeks. For now I'd just like to mention a few people that helped me and give them some much deserved credit.

New Logo

I worked with Andy Luce almost 2 years ago now on the redesign of the 31Three logo (Yes... two years... embarrassing). Good news is that I love it just as much now as I did when he first made it. I've always struggled with a proper logo for 31Three because of how the word is naturally unbalanced with the numbers and letters. Andy did a fantastic job at making it feel "right". I've since worked with Andy on a couple projects with my church... and they also turned out fantastic. 


A few months ago I fired off a quick tweet in an attempt to gather some names of people to work with in the future. One of the people who responded was Jacob Fentress of Guerrilla Labs. I'm really glad he did too. Jacob is a total pro and did an amazing job of building out the html/css for the site you see here. There's probably going to be a few rough edges show up here and there... but those are likely my fault. After Jacob handed over the files I brought them into Craft CMS. 


The previous 31Three site was still on EE 1.6.8... so it was definitely time for an upgrade. I decided to go with Craft mainly because the stupid crazy levels of flexiblity it provides. I'm still trying to fully wrap my head around the tempting language (twig) but overall I'm loving the experience. Brandon Kelly and his team have put together a very impressive product... and their support is amazing too. 

It feels so good to have this site up and running. I don't know if there's anything harder as a designer than working on stuff for yourself. Maybe someday I'll get over it... but I'm not quite there yet.