Drew Warkentin joins 31Three

drewwarkentin 2

Nearly 20 years ago Drew Warkentin and I sat in a small studio on the 3rd floor of his home in Grimsby and talked about how one day we would run a creative studio together.

We were in our mid teens at the time, and clueless as to what the future would hold. But we knew that we worked well together and shared a strong creative bond.

Those conversations of 20 years ago proved prophetic, as in late June, Drew has joined me as a full-time designer at 31Three.

A graduate of The Ontario College of Art & Design, Drew began working independently as a web designer in 2006 and hooked up with Airbag Industries in 2007 which later became part of Happy Cog. He spent the last five and a half years working there as designer and later Senior Designer.

From day one, Drew has hit the ground running and has been putting together some amazing design work. He’s currently working on a project with the Orthodox Union, and will then move onto one with the United Nations.

I’m privileged to have Drew on my team, and even more privileged to call him a friend.