Moved Out

Man I’ve been neglecting this blog lately. You’d think finally getting an off-site office after working out of the house for 5 years would be at least worthy of a mention. I actually moved out of the house around 3 months ago and am just getting around to posting about it now. Lame.

My house (and former office) is located in a funky little part of Grimsby that has some really cool history to it. The community was originally a Methodist campground during the mid 1800’s, and most of the houses were built as summer cottages. Summer cottages != spacious, so when Lucy showed up on the scene, I knew my days of working at home were numbered.

Along with space issues, Sadie (my 3 year old) was starting to wonder why I had to work during the day, and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just want to play instead. It wasn’t that she was distracting me from work, I was just getting concerned that she would start thinking that I valued work more than her. So when a good friend of mine offered me some office space and bookkeeping services in exchange for a bit of design work each month, the decision was a no-brainer.

I don’t have any pictures to post of the new office, because it’s basically just a cubicle right now. Nothing that you would find inspiring. Come spring time though, there are plans to move the office into a newly renovated building, where I’ll get a lot more space to work with. If I’m on the ball by then, I’ll have to post some photos of the decorating / furnishing process.

Any suggestions on quality office furniture? I think I’m going to forgo making my own this time around.