Time for something new

I still remember sitting in my apartment with my wife Heather discussing the pros and cons of attempting to do my own business full-time. I can remember the uneasy mixture of fear and excitement as I pondered what it might be like to work for myself. Fourteen years later and those same feelings have begun to churn once again as I step out into something new.

As of April 4th, I officially joined the team at Shopify. I just finished up my 2 weeks of onboarding and am incredibly excited about diving into my role there as a Senior Design Lead. I’m grateful for my years with 31Three and the opportunities I’ve had to work with amazing businesses and friends. As I’ve been reflecting back over my career these past few weeks, I’ve found plenty to be thankful for.

Three years ago 31Three was given a fresh breath of life when my good friend Drew Warkentin joined me. Being able to share design challenges, friendship, and ridiculous gifs with Drew was refreshing and likely extended the life of my company. We both grew (and will continue to grow) as friends and as individuals. I’m incredibly excited for Drew as he steps out into his own venture as well. If you ever have the chance to work with Drew, don’t hesitate.

Thank you to those that have emailed me encouraging words and have journeyed with me over the years. Please continue to stay in touch via Email or Twitter.